Energy yield assessments
Turbulence assessments
Extreme wind assessments
CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
Noise and shadow flicker studies
Ice fall and ice risk assessments


Thomas Wölfler
General Manager

“For the preparation of our assessments, we combine site-specific knowledge through meteorological measurements and data from existing wind turbines. An evaluation of the theoretical results using empirical data from the field is a main part of our assessment.

We create bankable energy yield assessments for wind farms in flat or complex terrain. For sites with very complex structure, we simulate the wind conditions using CFD calculations (Computational Fluid Dynamics). Turbulence and extreme wind assessments are elaborated to prove the stability of the proposed wind turbines.

To evaluate the potential risks through icefall from wind turbines, we provide appropriate assessments.”

Autogramm Wölfler

International Recommendations for Ice Fall and Ice Throw Risk Assessments

In the recent meeting of the executive committee of IEA Wind in October 2018, the document “International...
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Ice fall and ice risk assessment

Ice fall and ice throw are an important aspect for the erection and operation of wind turbines, under the legal perspective...
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