Measuring masts up to 180 m
Measuring masts for heavy ice
LIDAR wind profile measurement
Ultrasonic anemometer
Class 1 - Meters
IEC-, IEA-, MEASNET compliant
Autarkic power supply


Thomas Wölfler
General Manager

“The basis for any reliable energy yield forecast is an accurate wind measurement. Thereby we offer via site-specific measurement concepts the highest possible reliability.

High measuring heights (180 m masts), measured wind profiles up to 200 m (LIDAR), detection of the vertical wind speed and turbulence at 100% data availability due to high-quality sensors and autonomous power supply.

More than 300 private and public measurement projects around the globe have lead to a comprehensive experience.”

Prepared for Winter

Just in time for the start of the winter season, we activated the independent power supply for our wind measurement campaigns at higher...
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Success report from Cuacasus Mountains

First 85 m wind measurement has been successfully erected in the Caucasus Mountains (Asia)! The wind measurement team of...
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Autumn and winter is coming!

Once the summer has ended, all wind turbine operators look forward to a windy autumn and profitable winter season. The Energiewerkstatt...
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Training Windmeasurement Department

                Our wind measurement team recently refreshed th...
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Webcams for wind farm monitoring

Since a long time we are offering webcams for the monitoring of measurement systems. High quality digital cameras have been used in our...
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Performance overview wind measurement

Measurement concepts The first step towards creating a reliable data basis is the development of a measurement concept. The choice of...
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